Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quicks (V2)

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Top 7 resources that helped my cradle catholic self (that knew very little about my faith ) come full circle!!

1.)  Lighthouse Catholic Media:
I randomly (hmmm, holy spirit much?) came across a Lighthouse CD that was in my dads office. The cd was just enough for me to dig deeper into more titles and speakers that were available.  I signed up for the cd of the month and purchased quite a few more titles. Today I count these as some of the greatest learning tools available. (As well as sanity savers of the plenty of hours in the kitchen and laundry room)!

2.)  Books!
Ummm, you should see my amazon wish list!  I am too cheap frugal to  buy books but whenever I come across a book I want to read I put it on my amazon "wish list" and then either save up my swagbucks, use or inter library loan to get them to devour read. It's funny because I would of never considered myself a "reader" before.  I guess I just never found a subject matter that held my attention.  I am certainly a "reader" now Maybe not quite a bibliophile like Brandon Vogt, but a definite, interested reader!

3.) Relevant Radio
Even though I don't usually get to listen at the times I would like to, Relevant Radio has played a  great part in increasing my knowledge of the faith.  I love to listen to it in the car in the many trips back and forth to drop off/pick up the kids at school or on my ipad as I'm working around the house.  Hey, they even just created an app for the andorid and I phones. 

4.) Blogs:
I kid that blogs are to our generations what soap operas were to my moms generation. Except in my case, faith filled, encouraging, inspiring and REAL.  I have loved reading the blogs and learning so many things through all the wise and wonderful women and men!  I celebrate, laugh, cry, learn and become addicted to you all.  What a community of bloggers!

5.) Facebook
I was one of the people who never wanted to get on facebook.  I knew that it would be a thief of joy for me and a tool to compare how cool and prosperous everyone else's life was!  How wrong I was. I absolutely love facebook.  Instead of the negative, I get to see and read so many things that I would not of known about.  Things like funny memes, relevant blog posts, cool you tube clips and I get to see what all the Catholic leaders that I admire are up to. So thanks to all my "friends" that have an open facebook page! (When I say friends, I mean the people who don't know I exist and whom I continue to stalk follow)

6.) Faithful
As an adult, I have realized that many, many of those I know, associate with, went to school with are just like me.  Disengaged in matters of faith and have been through a myriad of Catholic "tiers"; fallen-away, cultural, dissenting and finally, faithful. I have met some faithful in my recent encounters in real life and in blog-land.  I have tried to amend my ways to count myself as among them.  Truly, so holy and humble folks.  What great people we have to look up to.

7.)  Devotion
This is certainly not the least of importance, but honestly, it did come last for me. My heart was transformed and then my ways.  Isn't that the way it works?  I can not imagine my life with out the comforting, peaceful fruit of prayer.  My prayer life has shaped over the past few years into something that I know is as essential as air.  Things like daily rosary, weekly adoration, monthly confession, Saturday chaplet, Sunday mass and Eucharist or any of the combination or none depending on the day.  Strength and answers lie in these! 

So, So thankful for these resources(and many more).  What St. Augustine said was as true for me as others:
"our heart is restless until it rests in you" 

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