Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes (V1)

So many, many things swirling in my brain, that yes, a quick takes is exactly what is in order:

1.) Parenting- I'm struggling so so so much with our 4 year old. Everything is a battle!! I am defeated and worn and need help! Any words of wisdom for a rough patch of parenting?

2.) Physical- I've been needing to get healthy for a while. It is about health and resetting hormones and trying to curb these food addictions and unhealthy habits. It is such a big challenge for me. I heard about the whole30 plan and need some encouragement and help with a plan to actually get this going. I need to do it!

3.) Finances - Have been a worry and stress for me (surprise, surprise) I have been racking my brain for ways to come up with ways that I can bring in some income. I have done ebay, craigslist, and another yard sale online site. I have a few other things to try, taskrabbit and amazon store. Here is the dilemma. This all creates extra "things" to do and distracts me from life. Need to pray and work this out.

4.) Busy bags- I really want to create some busy bags for our 15 month old! I should link up to Ana's v-day linky :)

5.) Party Planning - My sister Erin is really the party planner, but I'm helping her a bit. We are throwing 2 parties next month. A 60th b-day party and a baby shower for our sister in law. So much to do!

6.) Prayer - I miss my daily rosary and weekly adoration. When I miss something, its a good sign I need to make time for it.

7.) She is such a ray of sunshine in my day! I love 15 month olds!!
Join Jen and the others for some more quick takes!!

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