Thursday, February 14, 2013

Parenting Woes

Lets not rehash how hard of a time I am having with disciplining a very hard temperament.  Lets not get in to all the reasons I did not think this would be my issue in parenting because I've invested so much time and energy into "learning" all the tricks and advice any expert has ready to offer. Nah, lets skip over all that and talk about a bit of encouragement from today from:

Saint John Bosco

He insisted that hard to handle kids (he was a teacher among the hardest to teach) learned from encouragement.  That motherhood teaching is a joyous self-sacrifice and it is inevitably part of our profession.  Yes, it is.  Let me attest to that!

We will sacrifice in many areas...they include unrelenting high standards. Huh, I need to let things go?  He advised to listen carefully, be unhurried and very attentive. Huh, I need to focus on my primary job? This is hard for me. Do I need to hear this. Yes. My kiddo needs an incredible amount of attention.

He agreed that we as mothers (teachers) would need to expend a great deal of energy. It is necessary, (even when we are tired).  BUT there is a reason for all of our sacrifice. Tell me...tell me.

 It is the very reason we birthed these little people in the first place.  The salvation of these little souls.  So yes...our work comes with great sacrifice AND possibility for miracles.

St. John Bosco, Pray for us!

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