Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Life's motto saved me today!

"None of us can do anything great on our own, but we can all do a small thing with great love."
-Mother Theresa

The day was filled with the very mundane.  I was not up for it. I was up for staying put. I could of rationalized and made a whole litany of excuses to do just that. But then, that phrase that I have deemed my whole life's motto, saved me.  I literally thought it in my head and it helped me push in to high gear.  (except in this case it wasn't "a" small thing, it was 8,000 small things) We all know the world would not of noticed if I ignored my responsibilities, but my family would of.  So I did all the mundane tasks that lay ahead for me for the day. I even did it with a cheerful heart certainly not because of me, but because I really can do small things with great love.  I just need a reminder every now and again!

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